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We're here to make your virtual space a lot more effective and profitable. Bast.sc has the perfect solutions to keep your visitors interested. Our goal is to make inspirative & innovative solutions for your needs.

About Us

"Keep in mind that your cyber presence is reflection of your company."

Bast.sc develop exclusive designs, unique, easy and clear functionality of the products. What makes our company unique and superior is our skills and advanced methods for resolving your problems. We employ top talents from around the world with years of experience.

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With Bast consulting services we look deep into details of your processes, analyzing, rating them and propose adequate solutions.

Security Solutions

Our team detect and fight back against emerging cyber-threats across your enterprise. Our solutions include cyber defense, cyber investigations and background check.

Web Solutions

We are offering most popular web solutions. From web development, web design, graphic design to search engine optimizion. Keep in mind that your website is reflection of your company.

Data Science & AI

We can help you with your data - by matching available data with correct tools, analysis and machine learning techniques. Our team will uncover crucial information and help you with future steps.


Bast.sc security professionals assesses and tests an organization’s network or web applications to evaluate the risks these applications pose to their Internet facing and internal web sites.

Premium Domains Shop

Every of our evocative domain names has a strong and dominationg sound for expanding your business, investing or creating new project. They are truly hidden gems of virtual space!

Premium Domain Shop

First impressions can make or break a business. Keep in mind that what clients see first as they enter your web site could mean that they choose to trust your business and invest money with you or it could motivate them to go elsewhere. BAST.SC is here to keep your clients interested.

We will take your business to next cyber dimensions quickly and efficiently.